Looking For Portuguese Cuisine in Fairhaven, MA?

Fill up on traditional Portuguese steak or our infamous caçoila


in Fairhaven, MA

Searching for a great local cafe to make your go-to for breakfast or lunch? Join us at Little Village Cafe in Fairhaven, MA. We serve classic American-style breakfast food and lunch food as well as traditional Portuguese cuisine.

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Our breakfast and lunch menus are packed with a variety of classic dishes we know you'll love.

Take a look at our...

Hearty breakfast food

Think omelets, eggs benedict and French toast with bacon

Homecooked lunches

Fill up on a sandwich, salad or a hot meal like shepherd's pie

Portuguese cuisine

Try an authentic Portuguese dish like our popular caçoila

Enjoy Portuguese food made fresh

You don't have to travel all the way to Europe to find authentic Portuguese cuisine. Here at Little Village Cafe, we serve traditional Portuguese dishes like bifana and classic Portuguese baked beans as well as meals with a twist like our delicious Portuguese omelet.

Visit us today to discover your new favorite Portuguese dish!

Stop by today for breakfast or lunch made entirely in-house. We also have plenty of delicious breakfast and lunch specials available daily. Are you a first responder? Take advantage of a 10% discount on your order.